Join us for an exhilarating two-day hackathon at Viva Technology in Paris, where innovators, developers, and creators come together to shape the future of telecommunications. This event, co-hosted by Nokia and Orange, will focus on network APIs, exploring how a handful of network capabilities can pave the way for unprecedented use cases.

Nokia's Network as Code platform with developer portal is empowering you to develop applications that seamlessly integrate with the network and unlock the potential to create something new, amazing and powerful.


Receive notifications about the network status of your mobile network devices for monitoring purposes or to react whenever devices go offline and reconnect.


Acquire the approximate location of your mobile devices or verify that they are within a given area using a mobile network based positioning system, both outdoors and indoors.

on Demand 

Manage the connection bandwidth and latency characteristics of your mobile network devices using predefined network profiles. Give your devices a network speed boost when required.


Reserve a part of a 5G network for specialized usage scenarios to guarantee stable connectivity for your devices and applications.

Simple, yet powerful

You don't have to be a 5G expert. Use our APIs and SDKs to unlock the power of mobile networks and make your applications network-aware.


Network with Industry Leaders

Engage with experts from Nokia, Orange, and other leading tech companies.

Utilize Nokia's network-as-code platform

 And developer portal, to harness advanced 5G network capabilities, crafting innovative use cases and delivering superior customer experiences.

Showcase Your Talent:

Pitch your solutions to a panel of esteemed judges and receive valuable feedback.


Today’s 5G-era networks hold untapped potential:
the telecom industry mobilizes to unlock capabilities for innovative ecosystems.

Network APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) enable developers to seamlessly integrate advanced 5G network capabilities into their applications. These standardized interfaces allow applications to communicate and interact with mobile networks, unleashing a new era of innovation and revenue opportunities for service providers.

All participants within this dynamic ecosystem stand to gain: CSPs extend developer access to their network attributes, developers craft novel application experiences, and enterprises unveil innovative products and services. This synergy empowers CSPs to fully unleash the potential of their network through strategic collaborations with application developers, ushering in pioneering Industry 4.0 and consumer use cases...


The SimSwap API performs real-time checks on the activation date of a SIM card on the mobile network.

The SIM Swap API is useful to prevent fraud by reducing the risk of account takeover fraud by strengthening SIM based authentication processes such as SMS One-time passwords.

Geofencing API

Unlock the power of real-time location tracking!


This innovative API allows developers to create applications that can detect when mobile devices enter or leave predefined geographical areas, offering immediate notifications and enabling a wide range of location-based services.


Unlock your creativity and expertise to redefine the possibilities of telecommunications and network technologies. Our challenges are designed not to limit your imagination but to inspire groundbreaking solutions in key areas:

Navigation Automation for Drones


Empower drone software developers to elevate navigation automation and functionality. Utilize advanced APIs to enhance drone operations, making them smarter and more efficient.

Advanced Fleet and Vehicle Management 

Elevate existing solutions in fleet management, autonomous vehicles, and more by seamlessly integrating programmable networks and 5G IoT technologies. Transform how vehicles communicate and operate within their environments.

High-Performance Network Applications 

Enable the creation of new applications that demand specialized networks with ultra-high performance. Challenge the limits of current technology to develop applications that require exceptional speed and reliability.

Safety Hazard Detection 

Enhance network programmability to empower developers to improve the detection of safety hazards and accidents. Build solutions that increase safety and reduce risks in real-time scenarios.

Visit the Developer Portals:



You'll get hands-on access to:

Network as Code Platform: Dive into network programmability and network API integration.

GSMA Open Gateway: Utilize standardized APIs for creating robust telecom applications.

Real-World Use Cases: From remote drone operation to sea vessel maneuvering.


Immerse yourself in innovation and be rewarded with the ultimate Olympic experience. Our prize pool celebrates your creativity and technical prowess with exclusive access to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games:

First Place Teams: Support from Nokia and Orange to operationalize the winning solution. Each member of the top-performing teams will receive tickets to an Olympic event. This includes high-demand events such as Athletics, Skateboarding, and Marathon Swimming, allowing you to choose your preferred spectacle.

Second Place Teams: Each member will receive tickets to another set of exciting Olympic events, ensuring that innovation and effort are splendidly rewarded.

Third Place Teams: Team members will not go empty-handed and will receive tickets to various Olympic events, providing a taste of the global celebration of sport and culture.


We are looking for:

Startups, entrepreneurs and students with a keen interest in mobile network connectivity.

Developers passionate about creating scalable solutions using network APIs.

Innovators eager to transform industries through telecommunications.


Jacem Guezguez

Network APIs and 5G

Infrastructure Engineer


Sami Lahtinen

NaC SDK Product Owner


Assane Niang Mbengue

Technical responsible for
the Network API lab

Orange Innovation

Pavel Garmuyev

NaC Developer Experience

Product Owner


István Tóth

NEX Customer 

Integration Lead



Philippe Ensarguet

VP Software Engineering


Guillaume Cartigny

Head of Business Program 

Viva Technology

Shkumbin Hamiti

Head of Network
Monetization Platform



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